Future Implications

Future of Social Media Marketing

Technology and social media are constantly changing and with that the demands and expectations from consumers change. Company’s struggle to keep up with those demands and expectations, trying to keep up with the latest technology, meeting the needs and wants of the consumers. We expect every company to have a website and a social media presence, I mean are they really a company if they don’t?  Brands will be constantly impacted by these changes and challenged to keep up.  Brands will have to know consumers as if they were close friends, like, dislikes, shares, web browsing history are all factors that will help marketers cater their campaigns to specific consumers by social media platforms.

3 Ways I Think the Future Social Media Will Impact Brands

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Viral Marketing Initiatives

Trying to keep up with rapidly changing technology in the marketing world is not an easy task. Today’s technology has made sharing content easier than ever, the ability to share has changed how some companies market to their consumers and how their consumers respond to their marketing efforts. Marketing campaigns are now targeted at consumers active on different social media platforms that will help spread their message.

FullSizeRenderPoo-pouri is an example of a company who’s marketing campaign went viral. Bathroom talk is conversation that is usually reserved for family and maybe a few close friends. We all do it, we try to deny it, it’s a part of life but many of us like to pretend it doesn’t happen to us. Yes, that’s right I am talking about number 2.   When Poo-Pouri launched their “Girls Don’t Poop” campaign it was a viral hit. With a marketing campaign targeted at young women and the slogan “Our business is to make it smell like your business never even happened”, Poo-pouri is the “before-you-go® toilet spray”.

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IMG_3151Ever noticed you lean more towards one brand versus another when they are essentially the same product, for example; Chevy versus GMC trucks. Produced by the same manufacturer, possibly assembled at the same plants, even sold at the same dealerships, these two brands look identical, if you took away the logo sometimes only a trained eye could tell the difference between the two brands unless you are looking at the window sticker.  Really the main distinguishing factor between the two is the price tag, so why are people willing to pay more for a GMC? When comparing the two brands through social media, at first glance they even seem to have the same strategy but I did find some differences. Continue reading “Differentiation”

Blog And Tweet In Just A Few Easy Steps

I have made several failed attempts at blogging and using Twitter over the last few years, maybe I shouldn’t say I failed, honestly I really didn’t try that hard. My lack of blogging follow through has more to do with confidence and the fact that I think not many people are really interested in what I have to say, or maybe that if I really wrote what I was thinking I would have to conceal my identity. Twitter on the other hand, just really didn’t make a whole of sense to me, I signed up on a whim a few years ago to follow Do Good. Live Well. before an upcoming playground build with KaBoom!. With the hopes of pursuing a career in the area of corporate social responsibility I decided to focus on social media marketing and have had to face my blogging and tweeting fears, so I am going to share some tips that have helped me to embrace the two.  Continue reading “Blog And Tweet In Just A Few Easy Steps”

We Can All Learn Something From TOMS!

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As mentioned in a previous post Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s initiative to better the community around them and that they serve. Some think it’s just a trend that will eventually fizzle out; I think that it’s here to stay, but should a company post their efforts on social media? Definitely. There is always the risk of some bad publicity; the risk is worth the reward for companies that are in it for the right reasons.  Unlike my previous blog posts, I am going to steer away from healthcare on this topic.

A well thought out social media CSR campaign needs to have a strong plan in place before implementation; social media has to be part of the discussion when planning the initiative or event. Simply sharing what is going on without monitoring the feedback to be able to respond to or address any negative comments or media around the events would be a huge fail for the corporation. Social media is constantly growing, new means of communication are developing at a rapid rate, if the corporation doesn’t share it first, somebody else will and then it’s out of their control. CSR is now an integral part of the brand image, it’s essentially an unavoidable business practice. Continue reading “We Can All Learn Something From TOMS!”

Health Care At Your Fingertips

UnitedHealthcare has developed a mobile application that gives members the tools needed to make informed decisions regarding their health care. In July of 2014, UnitedHealthcare released the Health4Me mobile application on the IOS and Android platforms, Health4Me gives members quick access to their plan information, account balances and tips to help them prepare for doctor appointments and make healthy lifestyle choices. I have had UnitedHealthcare benefits for the last 10 years and I have always been impressed with the ease of navigating their website but had never taken the time to download the app until writing this blog post. After taking the time to thoroughly review the app, I came up with what I think are some of the benefits of the app. Continue reading “Health Care At Your Fingertips”

Corporate Social Responsibility: Bringing the community and companies together

Social responsibility is becoming an integral part of a corporation’s brand image. In the past maybe you would see a team sign up for a walk under a corporations name, a sign on the road where the company signed up to maintain a section of highway twice a year or hear on the news how a company donated materials and volunteers for a Habitat for Humanity build, beyond that you really didn’t hear much about what you couldn’t see. Now it’s a part of a company’s culture, some companies have departments and websites dedicated to social responsibility.  Using social media to promote those programs allows companies to visually show consumers and/or investors how they use a portion of their profits to strengthen and educate others.

Before I ramble on I should cover What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Fallon states, “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society”.

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